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Why would I want a home theater or media room in my home?

I can’t remember the name of the last movie I attended at a commercial movie theater. What I do remember is that it was expensive, around $12-$14, it was crowded, it was noisy (people talking, coughing, squeaky seats, and the movie volume almost painfully loud), and there were several minutes of advertisements before the movie started. Wait a minute, I paid to get in here! And don’t get me started on the price of refreshments (not that I would eat or drink any of what was offered). If I ever go back I’m taking my own popcorn.

4 Reasons to Consider a Home Theater or Media Room

1. Convenience

Today’s home theater or entertainment area allows us to enjoy the magic of movies in our own home, on our own schedule, and with whom we choose (no texts, tweets, or cell phone rings, please).

If one or more folks need a bathroom and/ or refreshment break just pause the movie and begin when everyone is settled back in. Even if it’s a live performance, many devices allow the action to be stopped and then started again where you left off.

And if you dislike the ever-increasing number of ads on TV as much as I do then you can record a favorite show and skip the ads. Some devices like TiVo even have a button on the remote for skipping the ads.

Another advantage is spontaneity. Going out to a movie involves so much planning and logistics, including getting there, buying the tickets, etc. With a movie venue in the home, it’s just “Hey, let’s do a movie tonight”.

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2. Music

For those of us who love music, the theater offers a place where the extra level of performance also applies to musical performances. This can be in the form of stereo music, surround sound (multi-channel) music, or the combination of audio and video, as in the case of concert videos. All of our theaters consider music quality during the design stage.

Another option is an acoustically tuned room designed specifically for listening to music, such as the one pictured below, that we designed and built for a home in Avon, Colorado.

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3. Sports

To enjoy a sporting event at home, there is nothing better than experiencing it on a monster screen home theater. Baseball, football, soccer, hockey, or any other sport is brought into your home at an amazing level. The large high-definition screen, combined with the surround sound of the event creates an incredible level of excitement. With today’s advanced levels of coverage, watching at home is in many ways better than being there. Be forewarned, your theater may end up being a favorite sports hangout and you will be the default Super Bowl Party host.

home theater

4. Quality

What is most likely the main advantage of a home entertainment venue is quality. A professionally designed and built home venue seamlessly combines all of the right elements for an experience at a level far above commercial theaters.

One of the comments we often hear after a home theater install is how surprised people are at the extra level of enjoyment and immersion. Some of our testimonials and reviews reflect this.home theater

An interior designer who I worked with on a Boulder home theater had this to say:

“When the project was complete, I had the pleasure of sampling a movie in the theater and I have to say, it was incredible! I never knew a home theater could so wildly surpass the experience of seeing a movie in a commercial theater. It was phenomenal.”

If you would like to discuss a home theater or media room for your home then contact me to begin the conversation. We can schedule an in-home consultation, or we can set up a visit to our high-performance appointment-only showroom theater.