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The Home Theater Design Process

Every custom home theater, media room, or music listening room is as unique as the individuals and families who enjoy them. If designed and built properly these spaces are matched to the needs and the budget of the owners.

Home Theater Design Tips – 3 Questions to Ask

Most projects begin with a given space; an unfinished basement, an existing room, or even a blank space defined only by concrete foundation walls. And most projects also begin with at least some ideas or expectations of the owner(s) of what the end result will be.

home theater design tips

The first question …

What do you see as the primary, secondary, or third use for your special room? Is it mainly for movies? Or do you and the kids also like gaming? Maybe it will be a guy’s hangout and more like a sports bar. Would you also like to use it for listening to the stereo or multichannel music?

The second question …

Do you have any specific or general ideas about the overall feel or aesthetic design of the space? Would you like the feel of the older neighborhood type theaters that were so prevalent before the big-box corporate theaters? Or maybe a room with an art-deco style, like the beautiful Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado. Many of our clients request that the new room match the design elements in other parts of the home.

The third question …

Do you have any ideas or expectations about the level of performance for your special space? Building a fairly basic home theater on a modest budget can create a very enjoyable experience. Or, you can kick it up a few notches and go all out to create the ultimate home theater or music room. Most theaters end up somewhere between the two extremes, with adjustments made for the particular tastes, priorities, and budget of the owner.

A designer/ builder who specializes in entertainment spaces will listen carefully to your ideas, make suggestions, and help you sort through all of the choices and decisions to create a detailed final plan. They provide the experience and expertise to balance all of the elements and create a finished entertainment space that will provide years of fun and enjoyment.

I would love to work with you, your designer, and/ or your builder to create a fantastic and fun theater or music room in your home. Call today and we can begin the creative process.